Job Search & Networking

This week I attended a national conference for nurse practitioners (NCNP 2017).  The original intent was to learn the newest guidelines on common ailments I encounter in primary care practice. However, with recent events, I found myself in need of networking to see about locating a new employer.  Here’s what I found…

Being outright honest about why I parted ways with my previous employer was refreshing to both parties.  I did not bash the folks I used to work for.  Instead, I quickly noted our disagreement and stated I enjoyed working for the previous company and would miss them but things did not work out as I had hoped.  It was truthful and heartfelt.  Speaking negatively about a previous employer, even when, by many accounts is could have been justified, would have been poor form.  It is not in my character.  My grandfather used to tell me the only two things people can’t take away from you are your character and your education.  He was right then and that statement continues to hold true today.

Another thing I found was that the nurse practitioners I met from around the country were engaged in refreshing their knowledge. They enjoyed networking with others regardless of geographic origin as much as I did.  I’ve picked up a few words in another language which has been fun, too.  It is apparent the days in which health care providers earn their license and then practice the same way year after year until they retire some decades later are gone. NPs are vested in their patients’ health and wellness.  That entails constant refresher courses as guidelines for every major and minor disease, ailment, and injury change faster than they can be printed.

It’s been the type of week which reinforces why I became a nurse practitioner.  I have met other NPs who also strive to do the best they can to do right by their patients.  I’ve also picked up clinical pearls, those tid bits of information which successfully guide medical decisions to help my patients recover or cope with medical illnesses.

When I return home tomorrow, I will get on the plane as a better NP, have more friends, and maybe, just maybe, a new job in the pipeline.  I sure do hope so.

If no job materializes, I know God will have the right job waiting at the right time just for me.  It’s kind of like a prescription for medication, follow the right  steps and then wait and in time things will work out just fine.