Your honest nurse practitioner

All of the opinions expressed on this site are my own.  *Anything related to medical information is not intended to be construed as medical advice.*  If you need medical advice, please seek your local health care provider as I don’t know anything about you, your health history, allergies, or anything else to help me make an informed decision.  So, please, don’t rush out to buy Tylenol just because I may mention it.

About me, well, I worked hard to get to this place in life.  It sure wasn’t easy but I make no apologies that I relied upon faith and prayers to propel me across the finish line of my doctorate in nursing practice.  Like many other NPs, I started out at a local community college, rather late in life, if I recall some classmates who appeared to have just obtained their driver’s license.  I’d say they just got out of braces, but I acquired those in my late 30s, too.

Without break, I continued to work through my bachelor’s, then master’s, and then, finally, my doctorate.  Like many professional athletes who fondly look back upon a rough upbringing and years of determination to reach the pinnacle of acheivement, I, too, have a similar story.  One of eight in a chaotic blended family, I struggled with a speech impediment and found my words instead through written language.  I was not gifted at sports, art, or one particular interest as much of my siblings were.  But I enjoyed running and since the age of 10, I have continued to run for enjoyment, rather than competition.

After graduation, life happened and I assumed another noble career for about fifteen years before deciding while it was a nice calling, I was not making any kind of a difference in the world around me.  The time had come in which I needed to choose the hard path to become a nurse, a dream I had entertained since I was a child.  My mother was a nurse and I admire her deeply.  While it would have been easy to continue the given path I had stumbled upon, I felt no passion towards the place I found myself in.

With little planning lest I would find an excuse to back out, I signed up for the first of many, many classes.  Class after class, year after year, to the total of thirteen years, I sacrificed to earn my doctorate.  So many times I would envy others I would spy on a park bench, doctor’s office chair, or beach towel, reading a mindless fun mash of fiction. My only fun was a few days in between classes when I would have time to super clean the house before the next grueling semester began.

Now that I have done the hard work, studied with the precision of an NFL quarterback expertly throwing into double coverage, it is my time to share reflections with others.  So many times along the way I felt the instructors were not being honest with us students about nursing or nurse practitioning.  I have met many a health care provider who was not honest with their patient whether it be due to fear of reprisal or fear of reaction.  My blog is honest.

Whether you like what I have to ponder about as I see it, or not, it is my honest opinion.  Practicing as I see it.  I am not in any way trying to incite others or rally a cause.  I’m simply writing about practice.  And don’t forget, don’t take anything I write as medical advice.  It’s not.


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